“Hi Dhaval, i want to let you know how happy i am to be a part of dpv when i joined you i was completely new to stocks and the way you have assisted me is awesome. The things i have learned is discipline and never trade for the sake of trading. Your btst service is the best of the best and after enrolling into this service 24 out of 25 were profit making calls. so if anyone who is new and is reading this please i am requesting without any further thinking come be a part of dpv thanks for your assistance dhaval.” ~ Mr. Zahid Qureshi, Mumbai

“I have been a client of the BTST Bonanza Service since May 2014. Since the time i took this service, i have been consistently making profits. Prior to this i had tried out several services/ newsletters but was losing money. Also the accountability and responsiveness was severely lacking in most of those services. I have found Dhaval to be highly responsive to queries and is always available for support over Yahoo or phone. I would highly recommend Dhaval to anyone wanting to make consistent profits in the Indian stock markets!” ~ Mr. Ravishankar, Pune

“Thank you, Sir. After subscribing your BTST BONANZA service, I have covered my losses (approx Rs 80,000) & now I am in profit Rs 40,000 in only first 15 days of May, 2014 month and I am sure it will increase & increase after day by day.” ~ Mr. Negi, Haridwar

“I have been keeping track of your trading calls for quite sometime and I am convinced that your stock picks are the best; You are truly a master in the field and I have no doubt that any one who follows your advice will make big money from the stock market. May God bless you.” ~ CA Divyeshbhai, Mumbai

“I am taking your BTST/STBT calls for last one month, I must admit the calls given by you are excellent and I made some good amount of money out of it. Irrespective of the choppiness in the market, your calls stand out and is profitable every day. In last one month. what I can remember is that out of 20 calls, 19 calls were in profits and only one call hit stop-loss. Please keep up the solid performance, thanks again for the calls, adding to this I must say that the followups for each call is super.” ~ Mr. Indranil, Kolkata

“I have started the BTST service 4 months ago. Before this, I have taken service from no.s  of reputed stock advisory but after working on dhaval ji BTST service i can confirmly say that in India – no one stock advisory is better than dhaval p vyas stock advisory. And if any one work with proper stop on dhaval ji tips than 100% he will earn money from this miracle stock market. So, friends if u have lost ur money in stock market so one time take service of this advisory and feel the difference of world class service.” ~ Mr. Yogesh Sharma, Rajasthan

“With the help of Dhaval P Vyas Investment Research, one can be disciplined trader and can able to get good returns irrespective of the market movement.”

~ Mr. Rudraksh, Maharashtra

“I would like to take this opportunity to write to you regarding the terrific services you are providing. Your BTST Bonanza calls and NiftyTrade calls services are just mind blowing!!!…Keep up the good work!…The risk/reward ratio is exactly what it should be and the calls are tailored to perfection!” ~ Mr. Kathik, Bangalore

“I am an NRI residing in Middle East. I have been trading in future since May’ 2006.During this period I have availed services from many consultant of India, but none of them were fruitful and I lost approx 6 lakhs till date. You are the first consultant, which I must say under whom guidance I have earned approx 50,000/- in 3 weeks albeit I could only execute 70% of call due to my work. I must say without any doubt, your tips are the VERY ACCURATE & “THE BEST”. Success rate of your call is phenomenal (more than 90%). Your calls are very clear, that give me enormous confidence to execute the order. The news letter is very beneficial. Your BTST SERVICE is very much beneficial for working people like me. Your online consultation is unmatched. I have never seen such a support system. MR. DHAVAL YOU ARE THE BEST.” ~ Mr. Gajanan, Middle East

“I was looking to find technical analyst who can give me good tips and it seems my search has ended – at least for last 14 months. I salute for your money management skills in advising BTST STBT tips yours sincerely.” ~ Mr. Marathe, Mumbai, Maharashtra

“Thank you Dhaval P Vyas, I made profit of 390 points last month in Nifty using your Nifty calls on ZEE Business. Please send me your ZEE schedule to my email id by which I will use your Nifty & other tips. Your levels are on target.” ~ Dr. Anil Shah, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

“Myself Subhash here, I want to convey my experience with Mr. Dhaval p. vyas. Before joining him, I lost in shar market 3 lakh rupees but now I am recovering my losses from market. This is best analysis with 95% with success ratio. I like to say here traders if you lost your money in market, So join Mr. Dhaval p. vyas I am sure your losses will be recover & you will get more profit.” ~ Mr. Subhash, Italy

“I am a working woman but was not able to use my capital for investing because of my zero level know-how of stock markets. From last 4 months, I am using your Trading Point letter service and have got profits of 17% by doing positional buying selling. Your way of putting things in a sharp and clear view is just amazing. I hope to receive similar type of profit in years to come.” ~ Mrs. Aparna, Bangalore, Karnataka

“I am working in a private banking firm and I have got enough idea about stock markets and its technical aspects. By saying that I need to confirm you all that I lost a fair money in the recent market crash. When I first saw about him in the internet and his blog, I was bit circumspect as I have tried many research analysts previously which produced bitter experiences for me. One fine day, I called him for knowing his way of dealing things in the market, I found him as a firm believer of technicals and a matured professional; he is emotionally a controlled person and disciplined. My association with him has resulted me handful of profits in a market when everyone was struggling (including so-called market consultants & their clients). Finally my suggestion would be ‘ALWAYS FOLLOW HIM & JUST FOLLOW HIM’, never allow your emotions to play on you and be disciplined”. Thanks and Regards, ~ B. Bhaskara, Mumbai, Maharashtra

“Dear Dhaval Ji, I have been working with you since 1.5 years, during this period i feel very comfortable working with you. Markets may go up- or Down but your calls are excellent… Your all calls are very excellent in Stock market and commodity too. Thanks for providing good results.” ~ Mr. Patel, Nasik, Maharashtra

“Sir, I had used services of 3 consultants but I lost nearly 40% losses in 2 years time by using their service. I was getting depressed to reduce my fathers’ hard earned money. After finding you by free trial of stock tips and then joining you, I have been making good profit in F&O. Thank you very much Sir, my confidence in trading has again increased. My sub-broker is now also using your services.” ~ Mr. A.K.Narula, Chandigarh, Punjab

“I am an IT professional and hence, getting a good amount of salary. Looking at current situation of IT, every IT professional might be worrying about his/her financial survival. But I may be the exception. Why? Thanks to Mr. Dhaval and his esteemed organization DPV Investment Research who has not only helped me to earn significant amount of profit but also helped to protect & grow my capital. One more thing I would like to share is, I am a regular follower of 3 top business news channels and have many times have compared the analysis of DPV Investment Research with them. But, I am not surprised that DPV Investment Research has generated more accurate, timely and profitable calls because I have no doubt about DPV Investment Research’s technical expertise and their ability. I wish my all the best to Mr. Dhaval and DPV Investment Research for their glittering future.” ~ Mr. Amit, Pune, Maharashtra

“Vyas Sir, aapki tips se hame acha phayda ho raha hai. Apka koi bar dhiraj rakhna aur hamari capital ka bada risk nahi dilwana hume acha tarika lagta hai. Hum jab Gujarat ayenge to tab apko milne ki badi icha hai. Aaj kal commodities call kam bhej rahe hoto sir thoda badha dena.” ~ Mr. Raghav, Bhubaneshwar, Orissa

“Your calls are excellent Sir. Before contacting you, I tried another two analysts which everyday come on CNBC in morning and some times during the day but nobody is as accurate as you are. You are also caring in giving the response when clients are a bit nervous. At that time, I did not know you Sir. I am not praising Sir; it is just my opinion and experience. Thank you very much for guiding me in trading.” ~ V. V. Kumar, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

“My view is that DPV Investment Research provides more accurate and timely guide to the investors, which helps not only to gain from investing but protects money from losses too. However, I have seen that most of the suggestions are for too short period either within the day or BTST, which needs the investor full time in front of the screen… My view is that DPV Investment Research should provide some medium term advices also such as for 2-10 days or more.”~ Mr. Pahuja, Saudi Arabia

[NOTE: As we received such similar suggestions from several clients, we have started two services “Trading Point” and “Portfolio Builder”.]

“Mr. Dhaval Vyas has been a sincere, dedicated and a trustworthy person. He has proved to be a highly professional but still a generous technical “expert”. Trust me guys his expertise in his “Bible” i.e. technical charts is commendable. He has always generated great technical calls even when the traders, investors & consumer confidence were shaken apart. I have always been a great fan of him. Mr. Dhaval Vyas ‘You are a master in your own universe of stocks’. May God Bless You and let’s have some shower of your blessings on us by way of your technical advice.” ~ Abhinav, Delhi

“You are great sir. Yesterday (25th September 2008) we took STBT position in Nifty and after seeing Dow 270+ up, I was very much worried Sir. I was very much nervous and was not able to sleep for few minutes. But, when I called you yester night and listened your confidence of our short position in market, I got somehow relaxed. But, when market today remained in red and we went into good profits – my respect & confidence on your trading approach deepened. I am pleasantly surprised that how can you know that our markets will go down even though all international markets & indicators were bullish? How can you know our Indian markets will have a gap-down opening on the next day? Tell me the million $ answer Sir. Sir, my trading experience with your services has been good and very profitable. Thank you very much.” ~ Sumanth, Chennai, Tamilnadu