Tell me the million $ answer

“You are great sir. Yesterday (25th September 2008) we took STBT position in Nifty and after seeing Dow 270+ up, I was very much worried Sir. I was very much nervous and was not able to sleep for few minutes. But, when I called you yester night and listened your confidence of our short position in market, I got somehow relaxed. But, when market today remained in red and we went into good profits – my respect & confidence on your trading approach deepened. I am pleasantly surprised that how can you know that our markets will go down even though all international markets & indicators were bullish? How can you know our Indian markets will have a gap-down opening on the next day? Tell me the million $ answer Sir. Sir, my trading experience with your services has been good and very profitable. Thank you very much.” ~ Sumanth, Chennai, Tamilnadu