Traders’ Edge


  • Pre-market messages
  • Stock Futures (F&O)tips
  • Nifty Futures tips
  • BTST (Buy Today Sell Tomorrow) Tips
  • STBT (Sell Today Buy Tomorrow) Tips
  • Positional Trades (2 to 3 days)
  • Trading Point – the market newsletter – which is a complementary service offered with Traders’ Edge service
  • Online value-added inputs during market hours
  • Quick reply to clients’ queries online through messenger
  • Professional approach to trading
  • Risk management techniques are used for Trading Tips
  • Quick & Timely follow-up to Trading Positions taken
  • Management of Trading Positions taken


  • A complete helping-hand in profiting from the market

NOTE: Traders’ Edge is a favourite service among full-time traders.

Holding Period

  • 1-day
  • Positional (few days)
  • Intra-day

For whom?

  • Traders, who can hold 2-3 lots of stock futures (F&O) overnight
  • Full-time traders who want to have complete solution for their trading
  • Ideal for Full-time Traders, Sub-brokers, Brokers, HNIs

Basic Requirement

  • Traders trading in cash segment, stock futures, Nifty futures

Mode of Recommendations

  • SMS and Messenger
Traders’ Edge