Positional Stock Futures

Features (Recommendations will include following)

  • Positional Stock Futures recommendations
  • Occasional Nifty specific calls/tips

Holding Period

  • 2 to 5 days

For whom?

  • Traders, who want to trade stock futures by taking positions for 2 to 5 days
  • For F&O traders, who do not want to trade daily
  • For F&O traders, who want to capture a big move and want to make high profit
  • For F&O trades, who want to ride a large move
  • For F&O traders, who do not want to give much time for trading on daily basis
  • For traders, who use the stoploss given and cutting a loss-making trade whenever advised


  • Who can hold at least 1 stock future lot position and maximum 2 stock futures lots for few days (2 to 5 days)

Mode of Recommendations

  • SMS and Messenger
Positional Futures 5,000/-