Portfolio Restructuring

DPV Investment Research offers Portfolio Restructuring service. Portfolio Restructuring involves selling undesired stocks/investments from the investment portfolio and buying desired/attractive/fundamentally strong/potentially good stocks in the investment portfolio. This enables an investor to get above average return in normal market condition and helps him/her to get out of under-performed portfolio.

Portfolio Restructuring services offered by DPV Investment Research is being given using advanced financial approaches which gives our clients an edge over others in getting high returns.

  • You should give your portfolio for restructuring to DPV Investment Research, if…
  • Your Portfolio is an under-performer compared to the benchmark indices like Nifty or Sensex
  • Your Portfolio is containing more than 15 stocks and you don’t have an idea which one to keep & which stock to sell
  • Your Portfolio is not producing above average market returns over a period of time
  • You want to get some capital out of your portfolio for using it another use
  • You have portfolio and cash, but aren’t sure of – where to invest and which stocks to avoid
  • You want high quality, stable and return oriented portfolio for better return potential


Rs 10,000/- for Portfolio Restructuring (subject to maximum of 30 scrips in the portfolio)