• Crucial levels where Nifty/Sensex (market) can take a U-turn
  • Nifty specific trading research ideas
    • Mainly positional trading ideas in Nifty
    • Intra-day trading ideas in Nifty
  • BankNifty trading ideas


  • Expertize in Nifty – to guide your trades in Nifty and Bank Nifty in a right direction with high return possibility

NOTE: Among Nifty traders (index traders), NiftyTrade service remains a top-rated service specific to trades in Nifty.

Holding Period

  • Mostly 2-3 days holding period with occasional intra-day trading ideas

For whom?

  • Nifty traders (index traders)
  • Traders with high quantity trading style in Nifty
  • Traders, who want to know the right direction of the market trend
  • Traders, who want to trade market/Nifty futures profitably
  • Bank Nifty traders

Basic Requirement

  • Traders trading in Nifty (Nifty futures or Mini-nifty Futures)
  • Traders trading in Bank Nifty

Mode of Recommendations

  • WhatsApp
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