DPV Investment Research offers CommoTrade providing trading tips for Indian Commodities Markets i.e., MCX and NCDEX. The major commodities covered under CommoTrade are Aluminium, Copper, Crude Oil, Gold, Natural Gas, Silver, Soybean, and Zinc.


  • Positional trades in commodities traded in MCX and NCDEX
  • Online value-added inputs during market hours
  • Quick reply to client’s queries online through messenger
  • Professional approach to trading
  • Risk management techniques are used for trading tips
  • Quick & timely follow-up of positions taken
  • Management of trading positions taken


  • Positional calls solves problem of intra-day volatility

NOTE: CommoTrade is for positional traders. No intra-day trades are given.

Holding Period

  • Positional (2 to 10 days)

For whom?

  • Positional commodities traders
  • HNIs
  • Sub-brokers/Brokers
  • Traders, who prefer positional trading
  • Traders, who don’t want to distract their mind in intra-day volatility
  • Traders who can stick to Stoploss in their trading
  • Businessmen, whose business can get affected due to possible price fluctuations in Specific Commodity price

Basic Requirement

  • Positional traders in CommoTrade

Mode of Recommendations

  • SMS and Messenger
CommoTrade service Monthly Quarterly Half-yearly Yearly
Fees (Rs) Rs 5,000/- Rs 13,000/- Rs 24,000/- Rs 42,000/-