BTST Bonanza

Features (Recommendations will include following)

  • BTST(Buy Today Sell Tomorrow) stock/index research ideas for futures trading
  • STBT (Sell Today Buy Tomorrow) stock/index research ideas for futures trading
  • Occasional Nifty specific calls/tips

NOTE: One of the pioneer in the BTST/STBT trading research in India and had launched the dedicated BTST/STBT research service – making it as a 1st such dedicated service in India. BTST Bonanza service (BTST/STBT stock tips) is one of our Top-rated/most popular services.

Holding Period

  • Effectively 1 Trading Hour

For whom?

  • Salaried persons who have less time due to office-work
  • Retail/part-time traders, for interested in trading only BTST/STBT positions only
  • Want to trade in stock futures targeting high profit potential trades in short-term
  • Traders who just want to consume nearly one hour per day
  • Traders, who want to take the calculated risk for getting high profits
  • Traders, who want to trade for short-term(i.e., 1-day) but with risk management of capital
  • Want to use low capital for margin trading and get high profits
  • Want big moves in short-time
  • Can effectively use stop loss given and cutting a loss-making trade on time

Basic Requirement

  • Who can hold 1 or 2 futures lot overnight (F&O lot) or if you can trade BTST/STBT calls in cash segment

Mode of Recommendations

  • Messenger
BTST Bonanza service Monthly Quarterly Six-month (Half-yearly) Yearly
Fees (Rs) Rs 5,000/-

Rs 13,200/-

Rs 24,000/-

Rs 45,000/-