Dhaval P Vyas Investment Research

Beating the market is our habit…

Why choose us

  • Run by a financial professional having highest degree in the finance field
  • Accurate & Highly profitable tips
  • Expertise in predicting Nifty tops & bottoms
  • Expertise in BTST and STBT recommendations (BTST means Buy Today Sell Tomorrow and STBT means Sell Today Buy Tomorrow)
  • Superior track-record
  • Tension-free trading
  • Quick & Timely follow-up
  • Earn consistent profits
  • Personal attention
  • Clarity of opinions
  • Qualified financial professional and market expert guiding you in trading & investments
  • Some our prediction and actual results after them:
    • Predicting a crash of May 2006 just one day before it actually happened (in addition, also pointed-out to this crash in January, 2006)
    • In 2008, he rightly predicted a crash in Crude Oil price at its record high price of $140 and predicted a fall to $70 to $80.
    • In 2008, he correctly came-out with the research that the economy and markets will start recovering from the starting of the year 2009.
    • In March 2009, he rightly came-out with the prediction that the markets are likely to recovery now onwards.
    • In 2011, he rightly forecasted GDP growth to touch 7.3% to 6.9% (afterwards, the figure came 6.9% in Dec, 2011).